Where To Recycle O2 Sensors


Here at PGM Recovery Systems, we specialize in O2 sensor recycling. In fact, we are one of the top buyers and processors of scrap oxygen sensors in the USA. We buy scrap O2 sensors from retail and wholesale suppliers nationwide. We have a lot of experience in this industry. Believe it or not, our company staff has a combined experience of over a century. We are true experts. As a result, we are extremely knowledgeable about how to recycle O2 sensors efficiently. This is so because we have an exclusive proprietary process to extract the precious metals from scrap O2 sensors. Our experience and efficient practices enable us to offer you the highest profits for oxygen sensor recycling.

o2 sensors recycling experience
PGM Has a Combined Experience of Over 100 years

O2 Sensor Recycling With PGM Brings You Max Profits

O2 sensor recycling involves an extensive process that extracts precious metals. The process primarily involves stripping away the steel scrap metal and ceramic materials. Sound pretty simple, but it is not. When you recycle O2 sensors it is very difficult to get a total extraction of the platinum from the sensor. It requires a multi-step process that we at PGM Recovery Systems is the very best at implementing. As a result, we are able to give our suppliers (you) the most money possible when you recycle O2 sensors with us. Moreover, we can process literally tons of scrap O2 sensors every month. This is possible because we have the best proprietary O2 sensor recycling technology and extensive metallurgy experience.Big Box of Scrap O2 Sensors

Oxygen sensor recycling presents technological processing challenges and significant capital investment. As a result, many companies choose not to specialize in purchasing and processing of scrap O2 sensors. That is good news for us because we love to recycle O2 sensors. So please do not hesitate to contact us

Recycle Scrap Oxygen Sensors

recycle O2-sensors

Our national marketing program encourages a great number of companies to harvest and recycle scrap oxygen sensors because of their incredible value. In contrast, though, there are still many companies that continue to discard scrap oxygen sensors to the trash or scrap steel bins. Consequently, they are missing out on profits they don’t even know about. However, we continue to change that trend by informing companies about oxygen sensor recycling. Because of us, O2 sensor recycling has now become a source of value to many companies across the USA.American-O2-Sensor-recycling

Oxygen Sensor Recycling: Retail vs. Wholesale 

At PGM, we place extreme value on scrap O2 sensors for their precious metal content. Oxygen sensor recycling is a lost art that PGM is a Picasso in.  As a result, we confidently market competitive quotes nationwide to Retail and Wholesale providers.Recycle O2 Sensors by the Box

Retail: Scrap Oxygen Sensors Provider

  1. New car dealerships
  2. Auto Repair Shops
  3. Smog Shops
  4. Auto Service Technicians

Wholesale: Scrap O2 Sensors Provider

  1. Auto Dismantlers 
  2. Catalytic Converter Recyclers
  3. Auto Core Recyclers
  4. Scrap Recycling Operations 
  5. Auto Repair/Muffler Service Technicians

Recycle O2 Sensors: RetailAuto shop

We purchase from many retail suppliers. So please, do not discard your scrap oxygen sensors to the trash or throw them to the scrap steel bin. Let us process them for O2 recycling. We will extract the precious metals and pay you top value according to current market prices.A lot of scrap oxygen sensors

When you are ready to send us your scrap oxygen sensors, contact us with the details. We will then send you a confirmation e-mail with the reimbursement details. Once we receive the shipment, we will confirm the oxygen sensor recycling net weight. When the weight is confirmed, we will notify you about the payment info from the O2 recycling. 

Recycle O2 Sensors: WholesaleAuto Junk yard

Making PGM Recovery Systems your partner in oxygen sensor recycling can make a positive difference to your bottom line. Some high volume suppliers send us batches monthly. In contrast, other suppliers accumulate a significant amount of sensors over time before shipping them to us. In order for us to accept and process, all scrap O2 sensors must be DE-WIRED AT THE SENSORS. Additionally, we do not accept sensors that have extraneous steel attachments, loose scrap metal, trash, or dirt on them.

scrap oxygen sensors
De-Wired O2 Sensor
We accept lots of drums or gaylords for O2 recycling. As long as they are shipped by a common carrier or by USPS in boxes addressed to our facility. You can even deliver your shipments to us with your own truck. However, please contact us before you decide to carry out such a delivery.

Small_USPS_Truck for oxygen sensor recycling

Important Shipping & Packaging Info For Scrap Oxygen Sensor Recycling: 

  • Due to spillage, It is good to wrap all six sides of Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes. 
  • When shipping via USPS, you should use reinforced strapping tape or steel banding.
  • Priority Mail Flat Fate boxes provide a tracking number which we will give you the date of arrival.
  • For additional ideas on securing your shipment, click on PACKAGING & SHIPPING.

O2 sensor recycling*When you recycle O2 sensors with PGM Recovery Systems you can have peace of mind that you are getting the highest value from your supply. We have been in this industry for a long time and know the value of treating our suppliers right. We want to gain your trust and continue to work with us. So please contact us as soon as possible and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about recycling O2 sensors. There is no shipment too large for us. Our experience and proprietary process set us above the fold, we guarantee it!