How to Use Our Free Catalytic Converter Price Guide

How to Use Our Free Catalytic Converter Price Guide

Our free catalytic converter price guide has helped thousands of people just like you. As a company, we pride ourselves on providing valuable information to those interested regardless of client status. We hope this tool is used responsibly and helps you identify the true value of your converters. These 3 simple steps will allow you to have free access to thousands of part numbers and weekly updated pricing!

The price guide is easy to use and provides valuable information for free. With this information, you can see if you are leaving money on the table when selling your catalytic converters. You also have direct contact with a reputable recycling company if you decide you want to sell at the price listed. Let’s get started!

  1. Head to

Click “Register Now” on the Home Page.

  1. Register Your Business 

Fill out the form with your contact information and how you found us.

  1. Access the verification email then call Rich for the password. 

This is a quick call to verify you are a legitimate business and to answer any questions you may have on recycling your automotive components!

  1. Start looking up what your catalytic converters are worth!

After you receive the password head to our Free Catalytic Converter Price Guide Page. 


Input the password and that’s it!

Now you have unlimited access to the FREE price guide and you can begin using it to find out what your converters are worth!


Edmund Schwenk

CEO/Metallurgist of PGM Recovery Systems “The single most important factor when you sell auto catalyst from used catalytic converters is the assay, not terms! Assay transparency is paramount! Many de-canners we speak to believe they are not getting correct assays on their material. Some have de-canned, shipped to other companies and received a little more than they could have sold their whole converters for in the first place.”Mission Statement: We at PGM Recovery Systems are providing information and transparency to the catalytic converter recycling industry in an effort to promote a value system of fair dealing. As a result of providing the industry with the proper tools to increase their profits, we are developing long-term relationships with suppliers.