PGM Mission StatementPGM Mission Statement recycle catalytic converters and o2 sensor recycling

Our mission statement at PGM is to engage and educate companies interested in where to sell used catalytic converters. Furthermore, we strive to substantially increasing companies’ bottom lines through catalytic converter recycling and O2 sensor recycling.

Today there is a lot of misinformation about where to sell used catalytic converters. As a result, some companies are discouraged to recycle catalytic converters. That is why we make it our top priority educate our clients about our transparent practices. We walk you step by step through the entire catalytic converter recycling process. No pencil assaying, no confusing terms agreements. Just more profits for our suppliers who sell used catalytic converters.

When you are wondering where to recycle catalytic converters. Just remember PGM Recovery Systems. We are able to help you reach the top plateaus of profitability when you sell used catalytic converters to us. PGM Crew - recycling catalytic converters and recycle oxygen sensors

The Humble Beginnings Of PGM Recovery Systems Inc. 

PGM Recovery Systems, Inc. began in 2010 with four partners. One metallurgist, two engineers, and a 4th generation nonferrous metal processor.PGM Staff - catalytic converter recycling and recycle O2 sensors

Our original team focus was to recycle O2 sensors. Our efforts were to develop an efficient process to extract ceramic from scrap O2 sensors. Converting the ceramic from scrap oxygen sensors into a powder is very difficult. But after 8-10 months of trial and error with a pilot plant. We eventually mastered the art of O2 sensor recycling. 

The battle did not end there. It took 6-8 months of blood sweat and tears to commercialize our new proprietary O2 sensor recycling process. But we overcame that challenge. As a result, we can efficiently recycle oxygen sensors by the tons. Furthermore, our proprietary O2 sensor recycling process is an industry leader in efficiency.Bins of Scrap O2 Sensors for O2 sensor recycling

In order to express trust throughout the market. We initially prepaid drum and gaylord shipments of scrap O2 sensors. Furthermore, all shipments were free from company losses. We did this for 2-1/2 years. But in 2016 we began developing a second proprietary technical process. This new process compliments catalytic converter recycling industry. Consequently, we now focus most of our efforts on recycling catalytic converters.