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Mission Statement:

We at PGM Recovery Systems are providing information and transparency to the catalytic converter recycling industry in an effort to promote a value system of fair dealing.  As a result of providing the industry with the proper tools to increase their profits; we are developing long-term relationships with suppliers.Recycle Catalytic Converters

PGM Recovery Systems, Inc. entered the PGM recycling space in 2010 in an effort to overcome the volume processing of scrap oxygen sensors which took our team six dedicated months to resolve.

Beside the scrap sensor technology, we have implemented a new technology to overcome the extraction of another PGM feed stock. This feed stock was not being recycled for its full PGM value.

Our strengths are technological and logistical. Now, due to our experiences, we are helping catalytic converter recycling companies nationwide obtain higher profits when selling used catalytic converters. If you are looking to expand your catalytic converter recycling volume, PGM Recovery Systems has information that will increase your sales volume and profitability.

Our suppliers are de-canning their cats to get the optimum value from their PGM content. Catalytic converter recycling is profitable now for all buyers, however the de-canners profit far above the resellers of catalytic converters.

Being expert in the recovery of PGM feed stocks, PGM Recovery Systems discovered over many years problems in catalytic converter recycling. Many smaller sellers and de-canners of catalytic converters do not know how to extract the highest value from converters due to their lack of industry knowledge.

If you are a de-canner or potential de-canner open to elevating your catalytic converter recycling business, please check our RECYCLE CATALYTIC  CONVERTERS tab that will alert you to information few de-canners know that will optimize your profits.