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Mission Statement:

We strive to get our suppliers the highest profits possible when they recycle catalytic converters and scrap O2 sensors. PGM gives you the best profits because we have the best technology and the most and transparent business practices. We continually educate our nation how to sell used catalytic converters and recycle O2 sensors for the highest profits possible.

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We entered the recycling space in 2010 to fulfill the need of processing large volumes of scrap O2 sensors. It is no easy task extracting precious metals from large scrap feedstocks. But with brilliant engineering and advanced technology, we have resolved all the difficult barriers through pilot plant testing.

As a result, we are able to bring you higher profits when you sell used catalytic converters and recycle O2 sensors at PGM. If you are looking to expand your catalytic converter recycling business, PGM has the inside information that can bring you to the top of the recycling food chain.

Who Makes The Most Money When They Sell Used Catalytic Converters?

Auto dismantlers stand to make the most money when they recycle catalytic converters. In close second de-canners make healthy profits as well. Many companies in this industry use various tools to figure out what to buy or sell scrap catalytic converters for. One popular tool is a cell phone app that scans the code on any given catalytic converter. The problem with this phone app is you are not getting an accurate price. This is so because the phone apps are not programmed to show you the highest price. Furthermore, when a converter does not have a readable code the de-canner and refiner pocket the extra profits that belong to you.catalytic converter phone app

Consequently, it is easy for PGM to blow away the competition. This is so because we give you the true value when you sell used catalytic converters to us. Not just what an inaccurate phone app tells you. As a result, we are able to build long-standing relationships that yield higher returns.

Sell Used Catalytic Converters and Recycle O2 Sensors For Maximum Profits

We highly emphasize and value transparency and honesty here at PGM. God forbid we shortchange our automotive friends who sell used catalytic converters to us. So, if you are wondering where to recycle catalytic converters for maximum profits give us a call (619) 427-8540. Furthermore, if you want to know how to recycle O2 sensors for maximum returns contact PGM Recovery Systems today and take advantage of our advanced proprietary process of O2 sensor recycling.

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Contact us and we will show you how to increase your bottom line with scrap O2 sensors and used catalytic converters. We want to make sure you get the most out of your recycling efforts. We will educate you and provide you honest and transparent recycling practices. As a result, you will be able to get the most out of the recycling process. Furthermore, you will see your bottom line grow as you continue to recycle your precious materials with us at PGM. We have seen suppliers gain $1,000’s more compared to our competitors.sell used catalytic converters

When you prepare your used catalytic converters the way we require, we promise you will get maximum profits. Additionally, we have an exclusive proprietary process that gets you the highest returns possible. Trust us, our special process sets us above the rest of the recyclers in this industry. That is why we are the leading O2 sensor recyclers in the USA. Furthermore, we make it our goal and pleasure to see you get the most out of your valuable supply. As a result, taking the guesswork out of finding where to recycle catalytic converters.